Building a healthy community by enriching youths' knowledge!

 Are you afraid your kids get addicted to junk food and not eating healthy?  

Are you afraid your kids eat too much sugar and processed like-food, get overweight and end up being sick?  

Do you have, like us, a hard time making your little monsters… sorry, little angels eat their veggies and fruits? 

At Fennec Education we came up with a series of eBooks solution, it may not be the ultimate solution but if you can put some veggies in their mouths* it’s worth a try!


… It could be an alternative to make us parents feel better about our kids, spending all this time glued on the screens… at least this time with Fennec it will be educational and could give a healthy result** if it works :) 

*  It depends on the stubbornity of the patient and the perseverance of the parent.

** Again, it depends on the stubbornity of the patient and the perseverance of the parent.

Ps: This is a wars and as parents we need to win it !!!   


in the Food for Health Series...

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Follow Kakayel & Béya’s adventure to discover how to eat smart.
Volume 1


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Fennec Education LLC

San Francisco, California, United States

About Us


The story behind fennec Education

Fennec Education LLC was created after a mother found a way to make her children eat all their food. We are mostly talking about veggies and fruits, because we are sure at Fennec Education that you don’t have any difficulties feeding cookies or ice cream to your kids! ;)

While explaining to her children why it is important to eat each category of food for the different body parts, she found a simple way to guide them toward the basics of a healthy nutrition. 

This is how “The Food for Health” series was born and Fennec Education LLC was created. 


Welcome to our world filled with fun characters that will guide kids into an enjoyable journey with our "food for health" series! 

With love,

Team Fennec Education  


What we value, our “Why”

Fennec Education LLC mission is to empower children to help them know what is good for them by learning the basics of a balanced nutrition for a healthy life style. 

We provide a constant learning about health, with a 360° view around human anatomy and food. Fennec Education develops educational contents that change children’s habits, giving the parents an alternative tool to help them shift their kids’ perception about nutrition and health, making them understands that choosing right will guaranty a healthier body, mind and spirit.


Fun facts

- The fennec fox is Algeria’s national animal that lives in its Sahara. It is also the author’s home country. She decided to use the emblematic mascot to illustrate the two characters “Kakayel and Béya”. 

- The two fennecs represent the author’s two children. 

- The fennecs’ names are the author children's mispronunciation of their own real names, when they were learning how to speak. 

- The illustrator of the book is the author’s husband. 

- The drawings of the first book began when the illustrator was stuck at home for a week after breaking his leg. Boredom led him into drawing and then were created Kakayel and Béya! As learned from Dr. Srikumar Rao “Good things, bad things who knows?” for Fennec Education it was definitely a good thing ;)

- Coincidence or not, during the process of Fennec Education LLC’s creation in July 2019, the Algerian national football team also known as "Les Fennecs" won the CAN (the African Cup of Nations) on the 19th of the same month.